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Title: О возрасте полового согласия
Other Titles: About the age of sexual consent / V. V. Stalbovsky
Authors: Стальбовский, В. В.
Keywords: возраст полового согласия
зарубежные страны
половые преступления
преступления против семьи и несовершеннолетних
уголовное законодательство
уголовное право
active and passive consent
age of sexual consent
fake behavior
helpless state
marital rape
quantitative and qualitative characteristics of crime
sexual freedom
sexual inviolability
Issue Date: Dec-2021
Publisher: Академия МВД Республики Беларусь
Abstract: Анализируется мировая практика интерпретации дефиниции «возраст полового согласия», ее практическая и теоретическая реализация. Исследуются проблемные аспекты совершенствования и развития уголовного, уголовно-исполнительного законодательства применительно к Республике Беларусь и другим странам = The article analyzes the world practice of interpreting the definition of the "age of sexual consent’’, its implementation in the practical and theoretical spheres. The problematic aspects of the improvement and development of criminal and penal egislation in relation to the Republic of Belarus and countries with effective implementation of criminal policy regarding age, socio-cultural and criminological criteria for determining the age of sexual consent are considered. The task to determine the characteristics of the criminal’s personality under Article 168 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus (criminal law, criminological features) and to identify the basics of decriminalization of sexual intercourse of a person who has reached the age of 18years with a person who has not reached the age of 16 years on the basis of the formed complex of its selected signs is formulated. A set of the most acceptable and effective theoretical models for the implementation of the age of sexual consent in criminal legislation has been formed. Based on the results obtained, amendments to the legislation of the Republic of Belarus are proposed with the most optimal and rational proposals based on the latest empirical and statistical information.
Description: Стальбовский, В. В. О возрасте полового согласия / В. В. Стальбовский // Вестник Академии МВД Республики Беларусь. – 2021. – № 2 (42). – С. 141–150.
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Научные издания по профилю кафедры уголовного права и криминологии

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